Sabtu, 09 November 2013


JPedal Full Version


As an Open Source library it is provided for free with source code and without any warranty or support. Key features:- 1. Fully-featured PDF viewer with embedded font support, zooming, JBIG2 support, advanced PDF search, bookmarks, thumbnails, Layers support and more… 2. Released under user friendly open source LGPL license with full source code for use in both commercial and Open Source projects. 3. In development for over 10 years and used in corporate software globally. 4. Upgrade route to full commercial version if additional features or support needed 5. PDF to image converter example included The current final release is February 2013 and you can download this from the sourceforge downloads page. There are also plugins for Eclipse, NetBeans, and IDEA The commerical version is still actively developed with a monthly release cycle and you can find out more at

Download JPedal


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