Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014


insanefx Crack Version


InsaneFX is a node-based special effects editor (written mostly in C#) and native runtime (written in C/C++). It ships with (unoptimized) example renderers for DirectX 9 and OpenGL. To get the most of InsaneFX you will integrate it with your own rendering engine. The Runtime has a simple OpenGL-like C API. InsaneFX is now in Alpha, it is in development, evolving and stabilizing. I am currently developing & optimizing the Runtime. At the moment I'm only fixing bugs in the UI, but in a couple of months I'll start adding features again. I recently did a presentation at the Game engines Brisbane meetup group. The presentation is available here: (Sorry for our poor filming skills) The slides are available here: Go here to find out more about Game engines Brisbane:

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